Outstanding by Dan

They did an outstanding job on my laptop. I had taken my laptop to another repair shop and they had charged me almost $200 to replace the hard drive. It still didn't work and they said they I just needed to replace the computer, when I press the issue they stopped call me back. I took it into NW PC Mobile Tech and they found that the new hard drive was bad and I also had a bad memory chip. They repaired it for less than they other place charged me just for the hard drive. He also took the time to explain everything too me and was very professional. I will go to NW PC Mobile Tech with all my computer problems from now on and will recommend them to my business associates.

Life Saver by Corey

NW PC Mobile Tech is a life saver! Shawn has come into our business and really helped us get "up to speed" so to speak. Our business is located in a remote location so good internet service is hard to come by, Shawn came in & not only cleaned up our computers to make them run as efficient as possible...but also built a new tower for our front desk operations. I cannot believe the speed & efficiency that we are now running on. Thank You Shawn for the Fair, Kind, and Knowledgeable Service you provided us at Boulder Equipment, Inc! We appreciate you so much; you are defiantly one of the team! 

Excellent Service by Rod

I had problems with my new computer and called NW PC. The service was great and he updated everything I needed. The new computer is running like a champ!!!!!!! Thanks again.

Awesome job by brock

Shawn did a great job. On time and at price quoted. Look forward to do business with the company in the future.

By Marilyn

Twice I have had NW PC Mobile come to my house for tech problems. Service has been fast and great. He always can fix whatever is wrong. His fees are very reasonable. I would recommend this company to anyone.

Thanks Shawn! By Ralph 

When NW PC Mobile opened its door for business I brought Shawn a mostly dead 2003 HP laptop that my sister purchased while she was in Oregon; and there were multiple unknown issues as well as the broken DC Power connection. I was extremely impressed with the service and the quality of workmanship Shawn provided. I highly recommend NW PC Mobile for computer repair and services. Thank you Shawn, for all your hard work and extra time that you invested in attempting to breathe life into a dying legacy platform.

The Best by Ruth


Great job! By Brian B

Shawn, you did a great job. Thanks for your hard work on repairing our laptop and our desktop.

Amazing service by James

My PC is my livelihood and it wasn't working properly. I took it to local repair shops, and no one seemed to be able to figure out the problem. I wish I called Shawn initially. It would have saved much time, money and frustration. When I did, I received unbelievable service and expertise at a low cost. He fixed it right away, and now it's running better than ever. I'm sure I'll need his help in the future, and I won't think of calling any other company. You're a life-saver, Shawn!!! I can't thank you enough!

Extremely Satisfied by K. Hawkins

I am extremely satisfied with the excellent customer service and superior delivery speed.

Server Down by Godfathers Pizza

We have a Point of Sale system that was installed in 1986 that is based on DOS. Our server went down with a failed hard drive, with it all of our Point of Sale computers with it. There is no documentation on the Angel Point of Sale System, and the person who set up the Angel Point of Sale system passed away two years ago, and no one we called has ever heard of this software. None of our systems have USB, CD drives or internet access. The level of service and knowledge Shawn has of DOS was simply amazing. He was able to gain an understanding of the Point of Sale Software in a very short time and had us up and running within three days. We had Shawn clone all of our hard drives at this location as well at our two other locations. The price was more than fair, thank you Shawn for the time and attention through the many obstacles you faced to get us up and running.

Astounding by Robert Young

Until now, every attempt at computer repair at my business has been completely unsatisfying. I've been told a) the computer was fixed when it really wasn't b) there was nothing that could be fixed or c) I should just get a new computer. In every case I would up with a non-functioning computer and a hefty invoice. This time I figured I would take a chance, so I picked NW PC Mobile Tech because I liked how they described themselves on their site. I thought, how much worse could it get? My experience was diametrically opposed to everything else that I've experienced in this situation. Not only was my computer fixed (it needed a specialized power supply) it was done so on the same day. It was even re-installed in our server group and tested before evening. Now, this was probably unusual, but I was astounded at the level of service. And the price was more than fair, too. Not only that, the people was really great to deal with. I heartily recommend NW PC Mobile Tech to anyone.

Awesome Job!! By Kristy

I had a virus take over my computer. When I called Shawn he knew exactly what it was, how long it would take to fix it, and gave me an exact price that beat everyone else I had called. He had my computer fixed in less than 24 hours and it's now running better than ever! He also had great advice on how to make sure this didn't happen again. I would definitely recommend him to all my friends and will use him again for any other computer related issues. Thanks Shawn!

My computer hero :) by Roxanne

Shawn was very caring and professional with us. He fixed my computer in a timely matter and even when he couldn't solve the problem right away he made sure the job got done right. The person who was fixing mine just left me hanging and my computer was still a mess. Since I use it for school I couldn't wait to get it fixed. I call Shawn at 10:00 one night and he was out the next day to get my computer. In the meantime he allowed me to use his which was a huge help. I appreciate his attention and dedication. If I have issues in the future or know someone that does I will for sure recommend Shawn!

A Master at His Work by C-Dub

I am so impressed with the personal attention that Shawn gave our much messed up computer. He had a challenge and he fixed it!

Excellent Service

On Monday afternoon and he was out to pick up my computer in two hours and return it the next AM. Man of his word .Excellent Service, Great price, Thanks

Super Super Service by Ed

Shawn was very helpful. I call him on a Sunday and he was out to my house first thing Monday morning to get my computer and cleaned it up. I had 160 viruses in my system and was very pleased at the work that he did in such a short period of time. I would recommend him to my friends. He is a man of his word.

Shawn did a great job! By Todd

Nasty virus hit my PC. Shawn came out to the house, answered all my questions with precision. My computer was brought back on time and working like new. Man of his word with fair prices. I just found a new computer guy!

Very Pleased!! By JC Marti

I had other people come out and look at my PC and would say that it was fixed... it never was. With heavy frustration I finally looked online and found Shawn and within no time at all my PC is better than ever. It's faster and the service was exceptional. If you're looking for a computer wizard, Shawn is your guy! Great prices, good service, excellent results: what more could you want!?! JC Olympia, WA

SUPER service! By Paul Hardy

Shawn came by my house and assisted me with setting up a new computer and transferring data and applications from my old to new computer. In the past I have dealt with 4th Dimension (they did a pretty good job but were EXPENSIVE) as well as Best Buy (very expensive and not very personal). I went to Shawn because he is a fellow vet and he has done some great work for me in the past. I was not disappointed. He is extremely knowledgeable, resourceful and helpful. He patiently responded to all my questions and did everything we have agreed upon. In short, mission accomplished and I am a happy camper. Strongly recommend these gentlemen to my fellow vets and anyone who would like to get top service for a very reasonable price.


I have nothing but praises for this company. They stand by their word that if it takes 10 minutes or 10 days it will still only be the flat fee!! Your privacy is protected and your computer returns with the problem fixed the problem does not reappear either. I had a virus that would have destroyed by hard-drive. I Called NW PC Mobile Tech, and that same day they were able to get my computer in, The next day it was fixed. They even included an antispyware program. I have referred my Son and Daughter to NW PC Mobile Tech and their comments were nothing but good, and you know I would have heard about it if it didn't work out for them. This is one phone number you do not want to lose!!!

Highly recommended by Virginia Streetman

I recommend Shawn without reservation. He is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and kind. It was a pleasure dealing with him. My new computer was provided quickly and it set up and transition went smoothly. Thank you Shawn. Virginia Streetman

Excellent Service by rsager88 

NW PC Mobile Tech or (Shawn) came over on Memorial Day which is highly unusual for an owner operator. I called him with my issue and he took the time to listen and also did some diagnosis tics over the phone. After spending some time with me on the phone it was determined that he needed to come out. He should up at my house within the hour ready to solve my problem. After spending time on 2 laptops, router and a modem he was able to detect my problem and fix it. He was very professional, knowledgeable and had the credentials to back it up. His price was very reasonable for the work performed. I would highly recommend NW PC Mob lie Service!

Messed up Computer by robin

Our computer was in worse shape than we thought. My husband found NW PC Mobile Tech in the phone book. He made a call and Shawn was out to the house the same day. He evaluated our computer, told us what was wrong and what we needed to do to fix it. He was very informative, and fairly priced. He fixed our computer and returned it within 24 hours. He gave us a lot of valuable information. We would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone who needed work done on their computers!!!

Great Service and Pricing by dental

Fast efficient service. Came out on Sunday to troubleshoot my computer. Pricing is excellent! I highly recommend using this service.

 Thank you to all of our customers!  We take pride in our work and truly enjoy your appreciation 






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