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When the average consumer buys a laptop or a desktop computer system, the scenario goes something like this: “You get the box. You get to go home, un-box the box, try to figure out where all your cables go, and once you get done with all of that battle, you now have to move your data from the old to the new. You have to move your applications. You have to set up your printer…” The list goes on.

NW PC Mobile Tech, believes there is a better way. by taking the next steps, Imagine how long it would take to re-install all the software you use on your old computer -- assuming you can even find all those CDs, serial numbers, and files you've downloaded to your hard drive over the years! our new computer setup service can save you hours (or even days) of work by transferring all of your settings, data files, and applications. Do you need to get rid of that old computer?, We also offer free recycling of your old equipment.

Our new computer setup is included with every new computer we build at no additional cost. We offer a 50% discount on each additional computer.

  • Transfer Applications, Programs, and Settings from the old Computer to the New Computer
  • Set up and install new PC out of the box at your home or business, and make sure your new PC is ready to operate at its maximum capability.
  • Installation of Free Anti-Virus (if needed).
  • We will optimize your start up programs and services that affect your new computers performance, we will also uninstall junk applications.
  • Install Windows Critical Updates.
  • Setup printers, MP3 players monitor, docking station, printer, external hard drive, iPhone, PDA and any other peripheral devices.
  • Assist in setting up software to automatically back up files locally or to an online data center offering protection of your personal and business information.


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